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08 August 2008 @ 06:38 pm
So its friday and im unsually excited.Not just because its friday and i can do more than just lurk on facebook, but because I get to leave Rensselaer for three whole days.New Hampshire, here we come.Yes miles of sand and seafood totally tops well everything in Rensselaer, except for Panera of course(of which i partook in today).Hampton Beach is probably one of the only places where you can buy a porcelain corgie knick-knack and a pink bong in the same whole in the wall stand/store.And yes when im there i do frequent such an establishment.Then theres no recessions,sales tax(on clothes), and no shortage of interesting folks.Just don't where any yankees regalia(you'll be getting some comments and not quite positive ones).Then theres the freakin fried dough.AHHHH carbs ahoy!!!!!!!!!!!!Anywho after a brisk three days in the New England air I will return to pollution-ridden New York and start reading LES MISERABLES so i can get a one up on everyone in sophomore english class.Then I will walk through the most holy walls of catholic central a changed woman.
Your humble servant
06 August 2008 @ 06:52 pm
So i havent posted since December because well, frankly I totally forgot about my livejournal and i've been way to busy to care.Lets see what happens to be going on.Hmm, well I finished summer reading way ahead of schedule, therefore I feel like a huge layabout and completely useless and i find myself reading more books and doing more pointless shit on facebook.I've matured quite alot.My hormones are raging, and i feel the need to do destructive things like smoke and get into gang fights in an alley somewhere in downtown Albany etc. etc.Yes for maybe a millisecond last night while wearing out my i-pod and watching TMZ I thought, "Wow, im a total badass".Haaaaa maybe i should get a man. Its August(phuck) and all too soon sophomore year will be consuming my pointless existence, and ya know what im happy about.
Your Humble servant,
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15 December 2007 @ 04:31 pm
"A piece of my soul escaped"
Its been so long since ive done anything with this blog.So i guess ill get ya up to speed.School is going good, except for the drama goin on in my group.Love is hella stupid,especially in high school.It just results to fights and broken hearts, adn ignoring the friends of whom you've know since 7 grade. I can't dwell on that anymore though.Christmas is oming soon.I hope it goes well.And cobra starship is coming back on jan 17, coolest people ever by far, cant wait!!!

02 October 2007 @ 05:36 pm
so it was like 9:30 last night, i was superr bored and had nothin to keep my busy mind ya know busy, so i watched release the bats.While watching the endless mayhem, i thought of the posse in the vid.Me and my friends are so like them.haaaaaa, anywho,today was extra boring,and i got my school pics,ewwwwww.The weekend is gonna be rad,band t-shirt making party @ Kerrys, then apple picking with my neighbor.Sveeet.So anyway, this was an entirely pointless entry.

20 September 2007 @ 07:54 pm
Yay tommorow is friday.Damn damn damn.And theres 6 more days till my birthday.And my great uncles coming from cali on my b-day.And i gewt to have 2 partays.Yay.And im getting a new clan hoodie.So yea.WE have this hour long assembly tommorow, which is great cause our classes will be shorties.Then i get to go home chillax, eat some chinese and read some delicious fan fics.So yea, and ive come to the conclusion that theo is my fav class cause everyone in it is hella rad, and Sr. Linda is da shet, she even said hoe.Pshhhh.So yeah, this hasnt been a bad week after all.
catch ya manana

Pete wentz' smile make me super happy
its so cheesy
19 September 2007 @ 05:47 pm
"And breathe in"
Today was probably one of the most boring days ever if it wasnt for gym class, i would have seriously taken my head to a desk or a wall,pshh being a freshman sucks.And then math, well the test was really difficult, especially for me, who cant do math or science.They just arent my thangs.I have to finish it during homeroom tommorow.
In English we watched the cheesy eighties version of THE CHOCLATE WAR, ha the best part was the music.New wavy gravy and easy to do the robot to.So far science has probably been my worst class even though i love my teacher, and ive been giving 100% on homework assignments, but its only the second week of school so i guess we'll wait and see.Oh yea ,and Kanye won the battle, i was kinda hoping fiddy would win, cause he has a stronger character than kanye(come on he through a friggen hissy fit-grow up.And hes a new yawker so ya have to represent.Next wednesday is my birthday, im getting a new Clan hoodie, so thats pretty dope.I really want to got to lowell and see FOB, that would make my year.I hope i get to meet them someday, psheaaaa like that will ever happen.Im way to unawesome to rule with those dudes. so yeah
pretty exciting
Stay gold
14 September 2007 @ 08:09 pm

my conclusion Pete Wentz started fall Out Boy and will ultimately ruin Fall Out Boy

phuck that mutha fuckin tool
im getting fed up with his bullshit
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13 September 2007 @ 05:09 pm
for this moment to come
I love Green Day, they were the first band that made me feel comfortable in my own skin.
thats all
12 September 2007 @ 05:29 pm
new current obsession:
Perez Hilton 
P-nasty, i wish i had 84207 times the nads to say what hes says
he sorta called Ashlee simpson a drag queen which i found kinda awesome
what, she is fake
and she was fake b-4 Pete kk so boo-yah

so anyway tommorow is picture day, and i dont want it to be because i have gym tommorow.And i cant get my hair all fucked up cause then ill my freshman photo will be a disaster, and ill cry n stuff.Then i have 2 quizzes tommorow
global is gonna be tough, i dont thnk algebra will be a huge deal, but idk.So yeah, thats my thurs.
signing off

                                                                       Stay gold
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07 September 2007 @ 05:04 pm
so today was the second day of school
and it ws pretty much better then yesterday 
but art was kinda boring,but i ahve it with kerry and kerri
so it wasnt that bad

first period-global-big dur-da du dur
and the fire drill
when its like a zillion degrees out

i was completely stumped th whole time
its the most awkard class because no one talks

i love ms. sedlak

then there was lunch
Nellie went all grindcore on me
growling "Happy Birthday" to herself
fun fun

fifth period-p.e.
i had to give a tour of teh locker room to the new students
awkward, then we played and intense game of simon says
i suck at it

sixth period-algebra
kevins in my class so its always fun
lots of note taking

had a quiz
passed it fer sure
mad easy

the eight period
by now its 90 degrees out
the school is baking
we had to draw eyes
and kerry kept cracking me up
mr murphy is so fuckin monotone

then the bell rang
i went home
watched date my mom
and now im home
and guess what

in the summer i might be getting a monroe

so yea
phuck you 
a nd goodnight

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